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Computer Music

Midi Training, Recording and Mixing, Music Software

At the Conservatory, we offer programs for Midi Training.  This program introduces each student to the basic skills required to sequence music.  Pupils learn how to record and manipulate keyboards, drums and special effects as computer data which then can be edited and converted to .wav or.aif files or mp3's.

Recording and mixing is also a popular program.  Students learn to create, record, edit and mix their music.  The software used to accomplish this is a fully automated 64 track recording program which contains many plug-ins and edited features.  These features are all explored as part of our curriculum.

The Conservatory can also teach its students how to run world class music software such as Logic Audio, Reason and Melodyn.  These 3 applications are industry standard software programs that record, edit and mix music.  These classes usually run 1 or 2 hours per week.