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Rock-Guitar-Lessons-Toronto.jpegGuitar Lessons

Don't settle for a hit and miss guitar lesson.  If you don't eat a balanced diet from the four food groups your body will suffer.  Learning any instrument is exactly the same.  You need to work on all the various aspects of musicianship. There is more to playing guitar than just learning a few chords and a few songs.  Our program is a graded curriculum complete with exams and diplomas. 

You will learn many different styles (rock, classical, blues, jazz etc) and receive a perfect balance of hand, eye, and ear. Our students can read music, play by ear, play in a band, finger pick or use a pick to play classical, pop, folk, country etc,etc.  They can improvise in major, minor and blues keys and are not afraid to interact with other instrumentalists in a live or studio setting.  They participate in talent shows at young ages or as adult students.  Our guitar students can read music and understand the theory of how music works and why certain notes and/or chords fit into certain keys.  Their fingers are strong and their habits are good! 

All of this comes from knowing how and what to practice. 
A good teacher can lay out a perfect practice method to balance books and fun. 
Don't settle for anything less!!