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Sherrilynn Colley-Vegh
Principal at St Anne's High School and Principal of Continuing Education

I am honoured to give a testimonial for Pete Palazzolo and the Canadian Conservatory of Music.  My son Christian Veghi, began taking vocal and guitar lessons approximately one year ago.  He was shy and did not want to play or sing in front of anyone……not even his parents.  Christian had the opportunity to perform in a Conservatory talent show but decided to watch the first one.  Realizing that he could do what his peers were already doing, he decided to sign up for the next show and did a little “improv” blues jam with Pete.  Since that day he has participated in every talent show and has even won 1st place with his band, West Palm, in the Long and Mcquade annual battle of the bands.  Christian can’t put his guitar down and he has become extremely dedicated to learning with his guitar and voice.

Pete’s connections in the community and experience in the music industry have been invaluable. He treats students like his own kids and you see him beaming with pride whether it’s a child’s first piano recital, a talent show at Lefty’s or one of the Conservatory’s students making it to radio.  All of these moments are equally special to him and his staff. 

 The Conservatory encourages students to be the best that they can be and reminds them to give back to the community through performances for charities.  One of these events was the first annual “Rock This Way” event that featured Conservatory students in an acoustic guitar walkathon and concert at the Chrysler Theatre.  This event was a fundraiser for “In Honour of the Ones We Love” and “A Life Worth Living”.  It was an incredible honour for Christian to be on stage with Pete’s band (Greatest Hits Live) and Jody Raffoul, The United Snakes and British Beat 66.

 Mr. Palazzolo and his staff at the Conservatory are true professionals.  They are truly  in it for the kids as is evidenced by their commitment to setting up extra curricular shows while sacrificing personal and family time.  The Conservatory has made Christian believe in himself.  Pete and his staff are teaching skills, instilling confidence and inspiring incredible drive.  They have not just turned on the switch, they have changed my son’s life and his career path.  Whether Christian continues in music or not, Pete has contributed to his personal development.  Christian one day hopes to play his own concert at the Royal Albert Hall like Joe Bonamassa and he would like to be able to call up some of his idols on stage to play with him….Pete you'd better get ready!

Mrs. Rose Jobin
Music Teacher at Holy Names High School 

 I have personally witnessed a music miracle transpire in my family through the guidance and coaching of Pete Palazzolo, owner and operator of the Canadian Conservatory of Music. Because of Pete, an inspiring teacher, my son  has developed a passion and great love for music. My son expresses his love for music by entertaining at various functions, by playing the guitars that he owns, by singing with his daughters and by constantly practicing which is an absolute joy to behold.  Thank you Pete for being the motivator, the role model and the reason that Windsor is so blessed to have you and your Canadian Music School accessible to many aspiring musicians.  

Rose Jobin

Past Students of The Canadian Conservatory of Music

Jeff Martin - The Tea Party

John Pizzuto - Fantasia

Christian Vegh

Lou Macera - Fantasia

Curtis Scott - Independant Producer of the Year (L.A. Music Awards 2011)

Christee Palace

Rowena Bautista - Fantasia

Crystal Gage

Tiffany Deriveau - Mamma Mia

Chelsea Durocher - Miss Canada

Jeff Klingbeil - Betrayer

Michael Brockman - Universal Studios Japan

Darryl Festa - Pulp City Inn

Brandon LaFrancois - Buck Twenty

Cameron Rankin - From the "Rankin Family"

Jake Diab - Autumn Kings

Fallon Deluca

Steve Pomponio - One Man Out

Domenic Ambrosio - One Man Out

John Collaluca - Eclipse

Randy Ciotoli - Eclipse

Dusty D'Annunzio

Joe Cardinal - Cardinal Music

Shade Stone

Jen Young

Jeff Fabischek - 80"s Inc. and Stiletto Fire

Sewing With Nancy


Randy Samrah - Focal Point

Anthony Ruggirello

Alysia Therrien

Justin Dow - Cardinal Music

Jeff Chamberlain

Jesse McMinn - Makin' Music

Greg Alzner - The Source

Walter Senko - Credible Witness

Kerri Brown

Alex Antic - Richie Nix

Bill Nuvo

Josh Johnson

Brandon White (ONI)

Adam Butcher

Nathan Schiller