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Pop Keyboard Program

This program is a blend of pop and classical music. 
The main differences between our piano and keyboard progams are:

Keyboard - Keyboard students learn how to play by ear as well as by reading music.  They also learn how to improvise with chords and take solos based on the key of the song.  Reading chord charts is another priority.  They can play songs simply by looking at chords and filling in with their own ideas.  These students are also taught how to play and interact with other musicians.  Many of them even go on to participate in our pop/rock band classes.  Our bands perform at our talent shows and at various charity events here in the city or county. 

The keyboard program is also a graded curriculum complete with exams and diplomas.  We try to balance books and fun in order to inspire our students to achieve a good foundation of technique, theory and repertoire. In the beginning, all keyboard students will enter into the Primary A Grade to learn the basics in theory, reading, rhythm and technique.  Upon completion of this level, they would then begin Primary B.  When both intro levels are completed the student would be ready to enter Grade 2 Keyboard.  

For those that don't own a keyboard,  the Pop Keyboard Program can also begin with an 10 week trial period. This "10 week intro package" includes 10 lessons, the keyboard music book and an 10 week loaner keyboard. This program utilizes pop, classical, rock, blues and jazz music. Students who enroll in this program do not pay any registration fee. Registration fees are due upon full time enrolment after the 10 week intro package concludes.

This is a very cost effective way to discover if a student is sincerely interested in studying music. Parents and students that do not own a keyboard are advised to take advantage of the loaner keyboard offered in this 10 week intro package. Buying an old used piano or keyboard before knowing if a student is keenly interested is not particularly wise. This is one reason why the Pop Keyboard Intro Package has become one of our most popular music programs.

kids-teens-piano1.jpgHere are a few more reasons:

  • Especially geared to young kids
  • Students learn to improvise
  • This program leads to music composition and songwriting
  • Classes are taught on state of the art keyboards
  • Talent shows
  • Exams
  • Continuous teacher training
  • Excellent alternative to traditional music lessons
  • Students are using modern technology to learn music in an exciting, interactive way