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Song Writing

The song writing program begins with a simple approach to music theory.  Students learn how to build keys and how to decide which chords fit together.  Each key has a collection of 7 notes and 7 simple chords.  In the first 5 minutes of the first class, students will learn which chords fit into which keys. This simple short cut aids a songwriter in putting a chord progression together.

A song consists of a chord progression, a melody and a lyric.  These three areas are explored, developed and exercised.  Students learn how to put a melody to their chord progression and in turn how to put a lyric to their melody. 

Song forms are also defined in order to provide templates for new original compositions.  Our songwriters learn that there are 4 different song forms and variations of each.  They explore the Verse/Chorus form, the AABA form, the AAA form and the 12 bar blues form.  All aspects of songwriting are covered and developed using hit songs as template examples.