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Theory Lessons

theory2.jpgMusic theory is an integral part of music education. Understanding music notation is the foundation of playing an instrument with precision. It not only complements and enhances practical studies, but also stimulates development and a greater understanding of music.

Our students learn about the notation of music and how notes, chords and scales relate to each key.  They understand that a key consists of 7 notes, 7 chords and 7 modes.  

This traditional Theory program consists of 3 grade levels:

Preliminary Rudiments

Grade 1

Grade 2

We can also teach theory as it applies to songwriting.  There are basic theoretical concepts that can aid a new songwriter in creating his or her compositions.  As a song is being written, there is a monotony factor that all beginning songwriters experience.  Theory can help create new and interesting changes in any song. 

Theory is the language of music and is the most essential part of superb musianship!!